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About app

Our challenge was to create an app that sets up, controls, and updates bike information for an entire bike line. The app needed to be functional for both riders and those supervising young kids. Design-wise, our goal was to create an app both attractive and functional for multiple age groups and riding styles.

for 2 platforms

App working with real

App working with real

Compatible with 6 bikes

To achieve seamless communication between the bikes and our app took weeks of concentrated development. We produced countless versions to keep up with a constantly-upgrading bike line. Any small update in a bike’s controller firmware required a new software version from us. Despite persistent compatibility issues, we successfully configured every bike model to be 100% compatible with our app.

Communication with controller device

Long-range communication and real-time reports were essential to our vision of app communication with the bike controllers. We chose the Wifi dongle for its combined functionality and cost-effectiveness. With Wifi, each device works as its own hotspot. It has a longer range than Bluetooth and greater overall value than competing alternatives.

App design

We had two design criteria: functionality and timelessness. The result is an app that is usable while riding. It features tune-up stats, a quick-view speedometer, riding times, and motor and battery performance reports.

Speedometer Speedometer Speedometer

App highlights

Our safety perimeter feature enables external control of the bike within a set number of meters around the mobile. Once the bike exits the set perimeter its power is reduced to 40%. Maximum riding speed and power are all able to be controlled by the app as well.

Set a riding perimete


  • 150 Testing hours
  • 4 People in team
  • 165 App builds