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We were honoured with the unique opportunity of completely redesigning the UX and UI of Mooveez - an award-winning language app which helps people learn English through watching movies! We wanted to make something super intuitive, with sleek, modern design that created an easy, engaging experience to motivate users to learn a new language!

Mobile + Tablet + Prints

App redesign

Homescreen - Old Design Movies library - Old Design Player - Old Design Word cards - Old Design Quizzes - Old Design Evaluation - Old Design
Homescreen - New Design Movies library - New Design Player - New Design Word cards - New Design Quizzes - New Design Evaluation - New Design

Coach Jane

To add the all-important human touch within the app, we created Coach Jane. An online, digital tutor that navigates you through the app, walks you through each lesson, and explains everything you need to know. Coach Jane was created as even the best designed apps need guidance - and that’s exactly what she’s made to do!

14 custom illustrated poses & emotions

Language map

A lot of us are visual learners, and retain information from seeing things repetitively. To incorporate this into Mooveez - we created a visualisation of the spoken word. The language map. Built as a detailed timeline of all the vocabulary you’ve learnt, so you can practise, track your progress and compare your skills with friends and family!


The key of Mooveez is to learn language through watching movies. But, this can become too much of the same thing. So, to keep people learning and interested we created a series of simple, entertaining and engaging quizzes and games to mix up the learning process.



Extra Materials

On top of the app, we supported the Mooveez sales team with lots of extra collateral. From activation packages, to print, digital and informational leaflets - we supplied everything Mooveez needed to help speed the sales process along!

Tablet version