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Sedlecký kaolin

Yolk Studio successfully modernized the visual identity of Sedlecký kaolin, a Czech mining company with a 130-year heritage. We have transformed Sedlecký kaolin and its subsidiaries, Kitty Care and Keraštuk, through sleek new websites. This comprehensive rebranding is not just a refresh. It strategically positions Sedlecký Kaolin as a forward-thinking leader in the mining industry.

Art direction

Yolk Studio revitalized Sedlecký Kaolin's visual identity, blending history and modernity. While preserving the original logo, we introduced bold 3D visuals and contours, showcasing the company's sustainable practices. This seamless fusion harmonizes past legacy with contemporary design, signalling Sedlecký Kaolin's progressive evolution.


Interactive storytelling

Yolk Studio's website redesign for Sedlecký Kaolin offers more than aesthetics. Interactive animations guide users through mining, product development, R&D, and environmental recultivation, unveiling the brand's commitment to landscape restoration. This immersive approach reflects Sedlecký Kaolin's operations and values, mirroring their dedication to progress.


Online and offline communication

Yolk Studio's revamped brand elements transcend the digital realm, shaping Sedlecký Kaolin's entire communication strategy. From social media to product catalogues and exhibition stands, the unified approach ensures a consistent and powerful brand presence. Our deep understanding of the brand enables efficient and cohesive communication across all channels.

Website on phone and tablet

Our company and mining

Land Reclamation

Kaolin Transformation

Parts of Production

Museum Concept

Introducing Sedlecký kaolin's diverse brands

Yolk Studio creatively rebranded Sedlecký Kaolin group's products, tailoring each to its market niche. Kitty Care prioritizes comfort and quality for pet lovers, Keraštuk focuses on construction efficiency, SK Rental caters to heavy machinery rental, and Tusculum adds a touch of luxury to fine dining. This diverse rebranding demonstrates Yolk Studio's knack for capturing each product's essence and target market.


Plaster Mixture


In revitalizing Keraštuk, Yolk Studio infused its visual identity with innovative 3D visuals, showcasing the product's ease of use and cleaner application compared to competitors. This approach accentuates Keraštuk's user-friendly and hygienic attributes, crucial factors for customer appeal.

Our focus extended to elevating Keraštuk's digital and marketing strategies, aiming to expand market reach and enhance customer engagement:

Website and e-Commerce

We developed a user-friendly website for Keraštuk, featuring an online material calculator for retail customers, seamlessly integrated with a Shopify-based store. This strategic move broadened Keraštuk's audience from professionals to include DIY enthusiasts.

Mobile app '#KonecneOpraveno'

Our app simplifies the plastering process, helping users measure spaces and calculate required amounts. It goes beyond by providing instructional videos, catering to both amateurs and professionals alike.

Marketing communication overhaul

Revamping Keraštuk's social media, we created targeted content to captivate new audiences, enhancing the brand's appeal across diverse user segments



Fully responsive for all devices

Video tutorials for DIY enthusiasts

Deep integration of e-commerce solution

SEO optimisation - technical & content based

Smart calculators

Map of collection points

3D visualizations

Integration with #konecneopraveno mobile app


App concept

Introducing the 'Konecneopraveno' app marked a major customer service enhancement. Users can measure spaces, calculate Keraštuk needs, and make in-app purchases. With instructional videos, it caters to hobbyists, making plastering more accessible and user-friendly.

Pet Products

Kitty Care

Kitty Care, the ultimate hub for cat care products, received a meticulous brand makeover from Yolk Studio. Infused with warmth and approachability, the visual identity resonates with cat owners. Product visuals balance appeal and information, highlighting the quality and benefits of each item.

The user-friendly e-commerce platform ensures a seamless shopping experience, making Kitty Care the go-to destination for premium cat care products.

comfort life pack design

Kitty Care product design


Cat litter

For Kitty Care's first product line, Comfort life cat litter, our branding strategy focused on custom illustrations that convey the joy of cat ownership, creating a warm and approachable brand image. Through clear visuals and impactful messaging, we highlighted key advantages, like superior odour control and eco-friendliness. This approach ensures a cohesive and memorable brand experience across packaging and online platforms.

Design of all product lines

Assemble a cat house from a shipping box


Cat food

Expanding into the cat food market with Zuii, our design featured authentic and in-house images of natural ingredients in packaging, website, and online store. This emphasized Zuii's premium, natural quality, aligning with Kitty Care's commitment to transparent, high-quality pet care solutions.

Modular expandable design concept

Product photography and 3D



In Kitty Care's accessories line, Yolk Studio prioritized high-end design and ecological sustainability. Numerous 3D visualizations brought innovative concepts to life, showcasing their sophisticated and eco-friendly nature. Collaborating with Sedlecký Kaolin, we utilized advanced 3D printing and specialist suppliers for prototype products.

Visually linked accessory sets

Emphasis on ecology and design



The Kitty Care website strategically introduces the brand's products, emphasizing their advantages and uniqueness. It plays a vital role in establishing Kitty Care in the competitive pet care market, aiming to engage, inform, and convert visitors into loyal customers. Developed with Next.js and React, the site offers a seamless, responsive user experience, showcasing the cutting-edge capabilities of these frameworks.

The e-commerce aspect is streamlined through Shopify, chosen for user-friendly management features and quick setup, ensuring a smooth shopping experience.

Social media

Kitty Care's social media strategy blends targeted PPC campaigns on Facebook, Instagram, and Google with engaging organic content. This includes search-driven PPC ads for direct sales and captivating organic posts, ranging from tips to cat celebrity features, using brand-aligned illustrations and tabloid-style visuals. The balanced blend of paid and organic tactics effectively amplifies Kitty Care's online presence, attracting and engaging a diverse audience.


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