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About Workpocket

Workpocket started out as a free printed resource for HR departments, used to by Randstad to get their foot in the door of new companies.

But it stopped working - no one wanted the book, and Randstad didn’t know what to do about their flagging client numbers. So we overhauled the concept, taking the best parts from their extensive research and curating relevant articles from their book. Then we created an interactive, digital work-world where HR employees and anyone else in a company might learn about various workplace issues.

Workpocket book

  • High quality door-opener for new businesses
  • Rich in classic and current HR topics
  • Covers diverse employment fields
  • Irrelevant for today’s HR settings
  • Unable to be easily updated
  • Expensive to produce
WorkPocket book

Our Approach

We wanted to create a full experience of workplace issue resolution that was practical enough to be adopted by large companies, entertaining enough for startups, and useful enough for every company in between. Our solution was a fully hand-illustrated and interactive 5-tier work world in which every issue occurs and is addressed in creative, life-based, scenarios.

5 Interactive worlds

Emphasizing different workplaces including corporations, startups and contract based employment.

Custom illustrations

Engaging the audience with one-of-a-kind, hand drawn illustrations.

+80 situations

Introducing people to HR concepts based on common issues in the workplace.

Fast search

Offering quick access to hundreds of topics, tips and case studies via keywords or phrases.

240 articles

Covering every part of HR including legislation, advice, tips and case studies.

Guided journey

Providing specific articles, resources and considerations through the use of an interactive questionnaire.



It took four weeks of collaboration, design, and review to produce workpocket’s illustrations. Everything was hand-drawn, before being digitally re-drawn and animated.

WorkPocket book

Fast and simple search

Our smart search helps you quickly access Workpocket’s article collection based on your topic of interest.

Results are situations or articles

Using a keyword or topic yields a mix of illustrated real-life scenarios and relevant articles.

WorkPocket book

"We've been getting lots of great Facebook comments about our behind-the-scenes video."

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We delved into research to discover which articles covered the most common HR issues faced by companies. From these articles we created scenarios in multitiered virtual workspaces, striving to bring relatable - and even entertaining - details to each story.

WorkPocket book

200+ articles

We curated the most relevant articles - 80 in total - for animations that cover every essential issue in HR, including case studies, current legislation, and practical advice.

5 Interactive worlds

House floor-5  image House floor-5  overlay
House floor-4  image House floor-4  overlay
House floor-3  image House floor-3  overlay
House floor-2  image House floor-2  overlay
House floor-1  image House floor-1  overlay
4th floor

HR Law Ltd, Workers Medical Group & construction site

Law office, medical examination rooms & office undergoing

Dynamic startup Ltd office and creative hub

Small business tech startup, hot desks & flexible working space

ABC Corp senior executive and marketing

Executive facilities, offices & boardroom

ABC Corp administration & finance

Meeting rooms, desks & staff facilities

Meeting area, hot desks & café

Flexible working space for employees



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